Alphabet Bear Sketch

Here's a sketch that I did of some Alphabet Bears. They were done in the same way that I painted the ducks in this post. I scanned in linen for the background, and the rest is painted in black and then all composed and colored in Adobe InDesign. Sometime I would like to make some screen printed fabric with the bear guys on it and this is sort of a test to see what something like that would look like.


  1. I think these two designs would look great as a fabric, especially the Alphabet Bears.

  2. I like the way you can see the fabric texture thru the colour and also the way the colour overlays in places like on the hands and feet.
    Very cute!

  3. Just found your blog today and am completely in love with these Alphabet Bears. I say go for the fabric! The expressions on these guys are great -- a little quirky, a little whimsy -- almost like you just interrupted them in the middle of a tender bear moment.


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