Ribbon? and swatches

So I'm seeing what these bears would look like with a little ribbon. It wouldn't have long ends like this, but Idk, maybe it makes them a little cuter. I brought a piece of white board home from work to use as a sweep, hopefully my photos won't be so gross anymore. This one I just took quick while there was still some sunlight, I'd still like to set up some lights and make a little area especially for taking pics, and really figure out how I want them to look. Also, I took a pic of the wall of my cube at work. They were going to throw away a bunch of old fabric swatches, but I thought they were cool so I took them and pinned them all over my wall.

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  1. Thanks for leaving a sweet comment on my blog. I've just had a great time reading yours. You've found some fantastic things, and I love your little beasts.


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