Artist: Marisol Spoon

Did you know that Molly the Owl has started laying here second clutch of eggs! There's no live video this time 'round but there are some pics here and there on the Molly's Box Blog. I haven't finished my plush yet but I'll get there. I'm more inspired to get it done now that I've seen these gorgeous paintings/products from Marisol Spoon. Doesn't the first painting look just like Molly in the bottom pic? Too darling! I'm also absolutely in love with the little owl locket. To see more work by Marisol Spoon check out their etsy store, website and blog.


  1. These are very sweet. I agree that the top painting looks like Molly. I found Molly because of your mention of the cam on your blog, thanks ;-).
    Have you seen the ebook? It's very well done.


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