Made some patterns this week

I've been having fun making patterns this week. Some of these are from old art and some from some new sketches. I repotted my little cactus a couple of days ago and decided to draw it, and that got the ball rolling. The french bulldog one needs some help. But ehn, I'm just playing around.


  1. Oh wow!

    They're lovely! Are you going to make them into fabric?


  2. I'm thinking about it. I'd definitely like to give it a try, I'm just not sure what I would print yet.

  3. They're wonderful! I adore the bears and the cacti. You could make some fantastic wrapping paper out of these designs. xxx scarlett

  4. love the cacti!!!!
    The Adirondack chairs make me want to get going and get them down at the pond :-)

  5. I love that with the cactus!!! How can I get a fabric????


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