Making some animal icons

So I decided I would make a bunch of simple little animal icons. Then later I can use them in some patterns or something. I thought I'd post my process on how I did these. It's a fun way to get a painted or printed look but still made in the computer. These pics still look a little computery but when printed out you get all the brush strokes around the edges in detail. I'm giving you just a quick gist of how I did these, you'll need to know a little about Photoshop and Quark or InDesign. Sorry if I left out steps. These characters are pretty simple but you can get super detail with this technique too.
1. sketch of some little duckies
2. painted in black separately all the elements that would make up a duck, ie. body, beak, feet, etc
3. scan into photoshop at 900dpi in greyscale mode.
4. go to image-mode-bitmap and select the 50% threshold in the pull down menu
5. save image as a .tiff file.
6. import the image into quark or InDesign.
7. In either of those programs you can color the black objects in the file you imported.
8. Import or make a copy of the image and color and assemble each piece.


  1. Adorable icons. I'm glad you commented on my blog so I could find yours. You have some very interesting posts... I have spent a lot of time on here this morning.


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