So I didn't do a Daily Art yesterday or today. Instead I finished crocheting my doily from my doily project (here's the first post of it), YAY! This is a pic of the last stitch. Woo Hoo! Also, for several months now, my day job has been at a stationery and desk accessories manufacturer here in Minneapolis where I'm a product designer/illustrator. We make stuff that we get into boutiques and big box stores, and my first piece for Target is now on the shelves! Neato. These are scans of the two SKUs.


  1. Isnt it exciting when you first see your work 'out there' !
    I remember many years ago walking into a greeting card shop and seeing my illustrations there for the first time, I spent hours looking, and buying some of my own desings too as I hadnt seen them in print before!

  2. Show us the whole doily then! Don't leave us in suspense after all that work! Well done on the stationery.

  3. Cool beans... I think I am oh, so jealous of your job.


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