Never be scared to show off the back of your embroidery again. - a tutorial

One of the funnest things to do when you’re working on an embroidery project is to share it with your fellow crafting buddies. 

It's Craft Night, you've just sat down, taken a sip of wine, and now it's your turn to share the amazing embroidery project you just finished. You worked really hard on it, had to learn five new stitches to complete it, and it turned out to be the cutest thing you ever made. You can't wait to pass it around so your friends can see it up close. Until a thought hits you...

What if they...horrors of horrors...want to see the back???!!! 

What will your friends think with all your knots and loose floss ends everywhere. What do you do? Do you pass it around and cringe every time someone flips the embroidery over to see the back? Do you show it from afar and stuff it back in your bag? But then how can they compliment you on your perfect French Knots?

The Away Knot - a tutorial

Today I have a solution so you never have to be scared to show off the back of your embroidery again. It's a technique called the Away Knot.

The Away Knot is a temporary knot which allows you to have a perfectly clean embroidery back with no knots or loose ends of floss. The back stays neat even as you work.

Check out our video tutorial below to make the back of your embroidery as neat and clean as the front.

Below is the finished hedgehog embroidery from the video. No knots or loose floss ends!

So how about your embroidery? I'd love to see how the Away Knot works out for you. Share your embroidery back pics on our Facebook page, or tweet it to @penguinandfish and I'll retweet it.

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