Under the Water fabric collection

Happy Friday all! I wanted to share with you the full collection of our new fabric line "Under the Water". It's full of sweet kelp bouquets, stars, jellies, hammerheads and narwhals. The collection is available through our Penguin & Fish spoonflower shop in all sorts of fabrics including quilting weight cotton, linen-cotton canvas, cotton silk, and my fav, organic cotton knit (to make the cutest t-shirts ever). It's also available as wallpaper and wall decals. Check it out here. I'd love to hear your ideas of what you would make out of the fabric.


  1. These are so cool! I am very tempted to buy a couple of pieces. I'm not sure what I'd use it for, probably just sit and admire it for a while!

  2. IF YOU get a chance pop over to my blog... its a cute story of how me and you began.. xo, lol


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