And the winner is...

Drumroll.............Mike from The Amateur Quilter (twitter: @AmateurQuilter). You have 26 juicy and bright Picnic Pals fat quarters coming your way!

Thanks so much everyone for participating! And stay informed about future giveaways as well as fun tips and tutorials through our newsletter (sign up in the right hand column).


  1. Lucky, lucky Amateur Quilter - I'm very jealous! Well done!

  2. I am very lucky! I make about 8-10 quilts a year, and right now I am about 3-4 away from using the fabric! I promise I will share what I make! I am printing out this post and keeping it with the fabric so I don't forget to share! Thanks again! Got the fabric today and it's quite lovely!!!

  3. I finally started a project using the winnings :) ... Mike.


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