Quilt Market post number 1 (finally!)

I'm FINALLY posting about Quilt Market. I'll be doing a couple of posts even though I didn't get that many photos, so stay tuned. Above are some pics from my booth. You can see my new products that I'll soon have up on my website and etsy. They are three little dog embroideries and an alligator toy sewing pattern. I'm super excited to start offering sewing patterns! I'd love suggestions on what animal you'd like a toy sewing pattern for next. I'm thinking a jellyfish might be fun, but I'm not sure yet. For the booth I took photos of the dog embroideries and printed them huge to hang on the wall, and people kept coming up to them because they thought I actually embroidered them that large. Heh heh. Now I totally want to. I think it'd be fun to have a big bedspread with one of the dog embroideries on it. I got to meet a bunch of my twitter/blog/store friends. I definitely had a great experience and can't wait till the Spring one in Salt Lake City. And my big news...I'll be doing a line a fabric with Clothworks that will be coming out next year. Eeeeeeeeee!!!!!! I'm so excited!


  1. Your booth is great! I can't wait to see sneak peaks of your fabric line!

  2. So many gorgeous things in your beautiful booth. I really like that it was so light and spacious. It presented your lovely work in the perfect and elegant way it deserves to be shown. :)

    And lots of congratulations with the fabric line! How fantastic for you.
    You are definitely not the only one who is exited. ;))

  3. Can't wait to get my hands on that fabric--YAY!

  4. woohoo! congrats on the fabric line!! :D I'd love to see that big dog embroidery, too. ;)

  5. Thanks for sharing! Let's see...animals? A squirrel perhaps or an armadillo?

    Love the doggies!


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