Late night inspiration

There are so many rabbits in our yard! We were talking to the neighbor lady and she told us how one year she hired a bounty hunter to shoot the rabbits at $25 a pop...which is super scary because she's right next door and not out in the woods or anything. I don't need a crazy rifle guy aiming a loaded weapon into or towards our yard. Gah! Luckily the guy only shot one so I think she's ruled the "bounty hunter" approach as ineffective. Anyway, any time I see a rabbit out my window, I immediately want to turn them into a plush. So last night I couldn't take it anymore and I stayed up late to make one. Here it is! I'm super happy with it, mostly because it ended up looking like my drawing on the first try, woo! I think I'll take some cute outside pics of it once it's not so rainy.


  1. OMGOSH I LOVE IT! It is soooo adorable, and the drawing is unbelievably cute too.

    THANKS for brightening my Friday!

  2. That is gorgeous! Your neighbour needs to get a dog, she wouldn't have bunnies then!


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