Store: Timeless Vixen

You have to check out the etsy store, Timeless Vixen. They sell vintage and antique dresses from the 1870's - 1970's and they all are A-Mazing!!! Here are a few droolers, but you can see 100s more in the Timeless Vixen store.


  1. Love these! Thanks for sharing! Tigerlilly

  2. That last one is beautiful! Thanks for share these pictures.

  3. Check out these forum threads about this seller:

  4. Yup, she’s buying all this stuff on 5 or 6 different ebay ids. Dang, people, wake up. It’s all from ebay.

    200531495722 cotillion floral dress
    230534898177 emma domb taffeta dress
    140464482514 ivory wedding dress
    390251015237 eeek she cut the sleeves off this one
    390251130366 original price 19.39!
    380278455744 coral dress
    160493628225 polka dot dress
    230537721571 pink peggy hunt dress
    230537712653 black lace emma domb dress
    170549612630 white chiffon dress
    270645433526 gold suzy perete dress
    170549631845 blue floral dress


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