Yay for Lori's Place!!!

Remember this post of the amazing cookies from Lori's Place? Well, Lori sent me a dozen of these amazing heart cookies! Eeeeeee! I gotta tell ya, they are even more gorgeous in person and are super yummy too (notice there're only six left on the plate, heh heh). And they arrived wrapped really well and in perfect condition. How fun. Thanks so much Lori!!! See more of Lori's cookies here.


  1. I'm so used to seeing cute felt food on Etsy I thought these were brooches at first! They do look yummy!

  2. Oh my gosh; you are DARN lucky. :)

  3. Hummm, so beautiful!!! I was wondering, what kind of icing did you use? What's the name of it (so i can look for it on the net) or the recipe? I really like your blog!
    Raquel, from Brazil


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