Artist: Sherry of y0omii

Cute cute cute! I love these little knit bunnies, owl and crocheted lamb by Sherry of y0omii. They'd be perfect for an Easter basket. I love the first little bunny's squinty eyes. See more in the y0omii store.


  1. Very cute! It is lovely work. The bunnies are my favorite. Thanks for showcasing.

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my characters on your blog ^____^ *does a little happy dance*
    I love your creations! I've added you to my list of favourite shops on etsy and included a link to your blog and etsy page on my blog (:

    I hope you'll have a great weekend!


  3. gar these photos make me gush!
    i especially love bunnies!
    you're so incredibly talented and your blog is delightful
    thanks for sharing x

  4. ohh!! the last one, with the red nose is really great!!!


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