Minneapolis Institute of Arts: Foot in the Door 4

Yesterday evening a few of my artist friends and I went to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts "Foot in the Door 4" once every decade show. Anyone from Minnesota could submit a piece as long as it fit within a 12"x12"x12" box. And it sure seemed that all 5,000 or so people that submitted a piece were there. It was craziness. You had to wait in line for hours just to get in the gallery spaces. We decided that we weren't going to wait and would just go to the show later in the week when we could enjoy it without all the people (I'll share better pics of the show then). But we did manage to find a couple of our pieces just from peaking in which I thought was a pretty impressive feat. In the second pic, the arrow is pointing to my friend Peter's painting and in the third pic, you can see my fuzzy kitty sitting on the table! So all in all, even though we didn't get to go in all the way, it was still a fun experience. Afterwords we went and had margaritas and talked about capivaras (last pic). Yeah, don't ask.


  1. looks like i made the correct decision to stay away. i would have gone completely nuts there. i'm scared of crowds and have the patience of a squirrel! thanks for posting these pics. (never heard of "capivaras." might be my new favorite thing ever!)
    xo- jd

  2. But I have to ask! Why? Why does she have a giant capybara on her lap?
    Is it a pet? Can I have one?
    Exhibition looks amazing by the way!


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