I'm back to blogland. (Sheesh it's been a while)

Hi all. I'm finally back from all my recent trips. Man, what a whirlwind. So, as you know, I went to NYC. After that I was back in Minneapolis for a couple of days, then to Wisconsin then back to Minneapolis, then to Seattle for Plush You (more to come on this in some later posts), then to Sacramento to sign No Monster Here books with the author, then to the L.A. area to visit the husband's brother, then back to Sacramento, then, finally... back home to Minneapolis. GAHHHHHH! I've never ever traveled that much in a 3 1/2 week stint. I am so tired and the work has piled up back here at home. But I'm ready to move ahead full force on all of my projects. Yay!

Here are a couple of pics from when I was in Seattle and Cali. More from NYC, Plush You, and No Monster Here coming soon.

Seattle skyline.

A traveling food stand shaped like a pig. funny!

PLUSH YOU!!! Super fun. I'll be putting together a post of my Plush You pics soon.

In Sacramento, signing No Monster Here books for everyone who pre-ordered. You can still pre-order here before the end of the month to get your book signed too.

My husband's Sand Skull that he made on the beach in southern Cali (only to be washed away and hour later).

A rainy Venice Beach.

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