Teddy Bear urges

Every once in a while I get the HUGE urge to make a teddy bear. Last night I was too busy to drop everything and make one, so instead I went to flickr and favorited all of these lovelies. Unfortunately, instead off suppressing the urge, looking at all of them just made me want to make one even more! So join me by checking out the links below to see these bears and other cuteness.

artist links:
Jess McCaughey of teddy bears wednesday
Jenny Lee of Jenny Loves Benny
Ellen Liss of Ellifolks
Yoko of Rutsu
Rob & Christy Crawford of The Craggy Moor Store
Cat Owen of Raggy Rat
Jean Grogan of Little Scruffs
Nicky of The Vintage Magpie
smagaus laiko of Fly Dragonfly

image links:
1. Willoughby, 2. 3Neds, 3. Prancer, 4. Lastest polar profile, 5. Latest Polar ( on the right ) with his inspiration, 6. Rolph1, 7. Molly and Peabody, 8. squeak to me, 9. 400clementine1
10. Petra 7 1/2" mohair bear, 11. Petra 7 1/2" mohair bear, 12. Pete 8 1/2" mohair bear, 13. Pete 8 1/2" mohair bear, 14. Teddybear, 15. The Making of a Friend, 16. new rabbit, old musical box, 17. getting cold hooves in the frost !, 18. meet sandy ... ooh i like these flowers ....
19. roman soldier!, 20. done with mirrors ..., 21. tweedy pig on the loose ...., 22. Rollo, 23. Summer_Scruffs, 24. Fritz, 25. Miles McFee, 26. Percy, 27. Alfie09
28. Edwin, 29. Pepi, Jose,Juan, 30. Mushroom, 31. Gracie, 32. Mabel, 33. Little Miss Daisy, 34. Off To The Bear Fair!, 35. SmilÄ—'s button, 36. sisters love their Teddy's


  1. thanks so much for choosing one of our pics for your blog!! I enjoyed looking at the pics you chose and everyone's beautiful work. sigh. bears are truly inspiring :0)

  2. I love seeing other illustrator work for inspiration! Thanks!

  3. Wow, such beautiful teddy bears! I love little Mushroom - looks like a plush baby Sid from Pixar's Ice Age (but way more cute...)

    Can't wait to see your creation!

  4. Thank you so much for including ele in your beautiful teddy selection! :D


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