I illustrated a book! No Monster Here

The children's book, No Monster Here, that I illustrated a while ago is finally getting produced. I'M SUPER EXCITED. I illustrated it and my mother-in-law who is a writer/educator wrote it. We're getting it all prepped for and an early November release, right in time for Christmas. I'm talking to the printer again this week. How fun! If you want to check it out, head over to our No Monster Here website. You can view the entire book there and you can also pre-order it. I'd love to hear what all y'all think.


  1. Lots of congratulations on your new book. You made some wonderful illustrations - really, really lovely.

    I read the book on the website and find it very suitable for children - and grownups as well. I love childrens' books (eventhough my children are almost 12 and 17 I sometimes have to buy a book due to the illustrations!) I'm educated as a kindergarten teacher and know how much beautiful and inspirering pictures mean to children. They simply often decide whether a child feels interested in the book or not.

    And the book is composed in a great way - the hide and seek, the repetitions and the fact that it deals with a slightly dangerous theme.

    A great book! I definitely understand why you are happy and proud. You have every reason to be so. :))

  2. Lovely illustrations and so well set, with many different points of view, a lot of humour and detai - children love that!
    My kids are only 1 and 3 but I have been following childrens's books illustrations for a long time, I went to Bologna (Italy) children's books fair a few times with my brother, who is also an artist in that field. I will definitely show him your work.

    I wish your book great christmas sales!

  3. Congrats on the book! I think your illustrations are whimsical and lovely and that kids are going to love the playful quality of the whole book.

  4. Thanks for the wonderful comments. I really appreciate it tons!

  5. Congratulations!! It looks adorable and funny, too! Best of luck with sales this fall :)


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