Artist: Victor Dubrovsky

I saw these magically cute little guys while I was blog browsing yesterday (I can't for the life of me remember which blog though). Those beady glass eyes just kill me. They look like they're looking right through you. These needle felted wool sculptures were created by artist, Victor Dubrovsky. To see more of these lovelies check out Victor's website and blog.


  1. I ADORE his work!! I had him as my blog of the week in my links until last night, but I know he's been hot news round the blog-o-sphere recently, and deservedly so.

  2. wow! love this - so cool and well spotted ;-)

  3. Victor's needlefelting work is indeed great, I blogged about him some weeks ago. I also kind of like your fuzzy kitten Sammy, although I'm a bit uncertain about his intentions, presume it's something in his gaze.


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