Artist: Good Egg

I just love these! Check out the first sweater, it has robots all over it! All of these items were designed and hand knit by Good Egg. She says a knit stitch is like a pixel, what a great description. The last item is a pattern available in the Good Egg store (and I just bought it, YAY). The hubs suggested that for my colors I should do some sort of pretty white on white version of it which I think would be pretty awesome. Although I'm going to have a hard time being pulled away from the bright pinks and greys in the yarn store. I'll be in Wisconsin in a week or so to see the fam and celebrate my bday, I can't wait to use this project as an excuse to buy soft expensive yarn. Woo Hoo!


  1. Love the first sweater! It's so geeky and cute!

    Thanks for sharing, you always find the most wonderful stuff!


  2. i second what tilliellie said : ) spot on!


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