Artist: Mariana and Paula of macraMe

I am in love with these little macrame owl necklaces by Mariana and Paula of macraMe. And their product photography is just so wonderful and clever. The necklaces are also a fantastic deal at only $10 - $15. I might just have to snag one for myself! Check out the macraMe store, blog and flickr.


  1. I have seen these before, the photographs are a great idea to display them! Glad I found your blog :) Catherine

  2. Hi Alyssa!

    What a wonderful surprise, you've made our day!!!
    We are so glad our picks are featuring in your beautiful blog!
    We love your plush animals!!!

    Thank you very much!!!

    Mariana and Paula

  3. how sweet. very neat way to photograph these little guys.
    thanks for sharing...Im off to check out their store and blog!


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