Artist: Katie Lombardo

Here are some gorgeous paintings by Minneapolis illustrator, Katie Lombardo. Yay! Go Minneapolis! To see more of Katie's lovely paintings check out her etsy store and flickr. Katie's "type" paintings are gorgeous. I especially like the Wisconsin one. I'll be going there this weekend to see my parents and go to my brother's college graduation. Woo hoo!


  1. Love her! I recognize her style from Lindsay's latest Product Design class exhibition at the Tea Garden. Her Garden Party dress was so, so cute! I was seconds away from buying the print, so glad to see she has an Etsy shop. I die for her Sweet Bird, too. Hooray for Minneapolis girls!!

  2. So cool! And I agree, YAY! for Minneapolis girlies! =)

  3. i so love katie's unique and glorious color palette... inspiring work!


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