New Owl Embroidery Pattern

Finished another embroidery pattern this weekend. Yay! An Owl for the letter "O". The last pic is a peak at the back for fun. I'm trying to make it through all the vowels right now. I just have the letter "I" left and I think I'm going to do an inchworm for it. It was between that and an Iguana. But I used an Alligator for "A" already and I think an iguana might be a little too close to that. Especially if someone wanted to embroider just all the vowels together. And I think and inchworm feels like a good "baby" icon. There, this is me trying to convince myself to do the inchworm.
...have a happy Monday people!


  1. I LOVE the owl! His spotted chest and color palette are too cute. I'm such a fan of this embroidery series! Really excited about the inchworm idea, as well. Reminds of the Riding Inchworm toy from when I was a kid. Have you ever seen one of these?

  2. Yeah, exactly like that riding inchworm! So cute. I knew there was a reason an inchworm was sticking in my head.

  3. Yeah, yeah! Do the inchworm!!!


  4. I love the embroidery!! too bad I just found your blog, wish I had found it earlier.

  5. i love owls and i adore embroidery so the two together make my heart happy:)


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