New embroidery patterns: unicorn and fox

Finished two more patterns; "F" for Fox, and "U" for Unicorn. Check them out in the store. I think I may do an "A" for Alligator and "H" for Hedgehog next. Anyone have any other suggestions for any other letters???


  1. Brilliant, brilliant patterns!

    And I'd like to suggest Platypus for P, because it's an awesome, poisonous beaver-duck hybrid. :D

  2. Again, great patterns.

    Hmm how about a m for monkey?

  3. H for hedgehog would be adorable! How about P for panda? I know P is always for panda, but yours would be the best! Maybe a pink panda. I also think you could make a brilliant O for octopus :) W for whale would be cute. N for naked mole rat, or nutria (the largest rodent). K for koala. C for cat to pair with your D for dog. I agree, M for monkey would be great, but you could also make an M for marmot, which is what the Japanese call a guinea pig. L for lion, or a lamb with lots of french knots! R for rabbit, or racoon. S for squirrel, or perhaps a skunk or snake.

    Are you thinking of completing the alphabet?

    I can't wait to see what you come up with. I really like your "Hi" bears. I would like to see more pairs like that.

  4. Alyssa - I love love LOVE your embroidery designs. This is just so you!! Can't wait to see more. Tanya likey! :)

  5. M



    (I'm dying to do my daughter's entire name!!! Mabel.)


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