New Kitties, sketchbooks and a cross stitch pattern

Hi all. I have some new Kitties to share. They'll go up in the store this week along with a couple of new Kitty sketchbooks. I can't wait to make some more! I especially like the little Siamese kitty, I'll definitely be making more of those. Also, remember the cross stitch that I did on my bag a while back? I finally made it into a pattern. Yay, that's something that I've been meaning to do forever and now I can cross it off my list. It's up in my etsy store too. Lastly, a lot of you may have discovered this program already, but I used it for the first time yesterday and I just love it. It's called Poladroid and it can make any of your digital photos look like polaroids. So fun! The free download can be found here. I made one of my Kitty, Sammy. He was laying on his back looking all cute. Marew!


  1. Your kitties are so cute and I love that cross stitch pattern! I'm putting it on my to-buy list.

  2. You're on the fp right now... Congrats — it fits you well :) I'm a big fan of your kitties and you're already one of my etsy faves. Happy 2009 to you, and keep up the terrific work!

  3. Your cat is so cute!
    Happy New Year.

  4. I love these kitties. lovely blog too!


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