Artist: Brian Marshall of Adopt-a-Bot

I saw these guys while browsing through flickr today, and I thought they were just so neat! They are sculptures made out of found objects by artist, Brian Marshall of Adopt-a-Bot. See more here on his flickr site.


  1. oh man these are just too cute! they got an instant response from nerdy ol' me. my dad, a high school science teacher, is the faculty overseer for his school's robotics club. every year we get to go down to the local fairgrounds and watch the robot battles between school districts. WAY too much fun.

    i'm also very interested in assemblage particularly when applied sculpturally. i wish i got more portfolios of humorous, cerebral sculpture such as this, the gallery i direct is seriously hurting for some good sculptural projects.

  2. Chloe, this is Brian from Adoptabot. Where is the gallery you mention in your post? I am always looking for new places to show my work.

  3. I wish I could adopt all of them! Thanks for sharing.


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