Artist: Ana of fric_de_mentol

I love these little illustrations by Ana of fric_de_mentol. Some of them are made by gocco screen printing an outline layer, then painting in the other details. And others are all gocco screen printed. Fun! I'm pretty excited about the one in the second pic with the man in the blue sweater. I love the title of that one... Don't Want No Small Feet Man. Check out more on the fric_de_mentol etsy store, blog and flickr.

Hey, I think this is my 500th post. Woo Hoo! Craziness.


  1. These are so great! Especially Mr Marshmallow jumper. Thanks for finding and sharing. I am wanting a gocco so badly. I bid on one on ebay tonight, offering nearly twice what I had mentally set as my maximum a few days ago... I'm actually glad I was outbid in the final seconds - phew! But I swear I will gocco one of these days :)


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