Baby Brother and New Kitties

My friends just had their second baby. So the new baby gets an Alphabet Bear with a letter "E" on it (for Emerson). Their older son, Josiah, is about to turn two and he's pretty excited to have a new baby brother. I wanted to give him a little gift too because the new baby is going to be getting lots of things and I didn't want Josiah to feel left out. So I made him a little Kitty based on his real kitty. It was my first attempt at making a custom Kitty which was pretty fun. I think you might be seeing a "custom Kitty" option in my store eventually. Oh, and the last two pics are my new Kitties that I just finished. They'll be going up in the store in the next few days.


  1. Custom Kitty is a really good idea.

  2. good good job on both. loved the custom cat & sounds like a good venture!


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