I'm in a couple of Etsy treasuries, woo hoo!

Yay! I'm in a couple of treasuries on Etsy. The first treasury has a pic of my litter of kitties and the second has my orange plush dog Cuddler down in the corner. Thanks to Vanessa of De Lacy Designs and to Margaret of margoGo designs. Vanessa makes cute stuffed characters and drawings (pic no.3) and Margaret makes adorable stationery (pic no.4). To check out more fun treasuries from Etsy click here.


  1. Congrats! That first one is full of pure plushie goodness and should be on the front page, if you ask me.

  2. hi
    your blog is now listed in the Top Artists Directory..
    please consider sending me an image and short bio when you have time :)
    cheers Kim

  3. Oh some really goodies in that top one, must go and look - I snagged one last night and you are in mine



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