Artist: Patch of Sky

I love these paintings from etsy seller and fellow Minneapolitan: Patch of Sky. They make me want to get the sketchbook out and go to every coffee shop in town and draw all the different cups they use. I'd have to space it out over a few days though so I don't get too hopped up on caffeine. Fun. Check out the Patch of Sky store here. I'm having a little bit of déja vu writing this so I hope I didn't post these pieces already. Well, if I did, they're worth another view. Happy Tuesday!


  1. Alyssa, check out this site..

    the construct series, just beautiful.

  2. mmmmmm, coffee! gorgeous cats by the way!

  3. Ooh, I'm giddy, I love these so much! =) This is the first time I've been to your blog, great stuff! I clicked my way to it after seeing you as one of Holly Becker's October 10 on Real Simple. Yay for Minneapolis, btw. ; )
    (Sorry if I post this twice, my computer is grumpy.)


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