Look what came in the mail!

Look at this wonderful zip/key charm that came in the mail yesterday. I won a drawing for it over on the Natural Attrill blog celebrating their 2 years of blogging. Natural Attrill is a company made up of artists and jewelers, Toby and Penny Attrill. I feel so lucky that I'm the winner of this gorgeous piece. It's so whimsical and quirky and colorful. I just love it. Look at the little Pegasuses on it. CUTE! Thanks Toby and Penny! Check out their website and the Natural Attrill blog.


  1. Glad it arrived OK!
    Natural Attrill jewellery is all made by Toby, not me, I just help with paypal,admin,advice,delivery etc
    Hope your freelancing work is going well.
    I am illustrating a fabric baby book at the moment, all digital, which is a huge learning curve for me!

  2. oh, lucky you! isn't it just beautiful... the lovely packaging just makes it all that much nicer ;)

  3. wow! thanks for the link! what great stuff..


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