My recently finished playing around projects

I thought I'd share my projects that I recently finished. I had these just laying around, half done, and I got the itch to clean up and finish all these things I've started. The first 2 pics are of a teddy bear that I made out of old clothes. I made him a little wonky by putting his head, eyes and arms off center. The second little yellow bear is made out of soft fleece. I think it would be perfect for a baby. And, of course, I can't ever finish a project without starting up something else, and that's what this last pic is of. They are coasters that I crocheted out shopping bags. (See how to make plastic bag "yarn" here on the gooseflesh flickr page.)


  1. I love the first bear, he is so sweet in a wonky kind of way.

    Also thanks for telling us all about the fab artists and designers that you keep finding - lots of them have been saved as my favourites.


  2. Loving those bears, especially the first one.

  3. so adorable.. thanks for sharing!

  4. I like the top bear, the angle of his head gives him character and appeal.


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