Thrift shop bag cross stitch

I bought this bag at a the local thrift shop the other day for $2.00! Can you believe it! I wanted to make it more me so I cross stitched two little alphabet bears into the front panel. The bag fabric had a pretty big weave so it made perfect little squares for cross stitching. All I have to do now is make a super awesome lining with custom pockets for all my things, then this will be my bag for when I go to NYC in a couple of weeks for the stationery show. woo hoo!


  1. Fabulous work! It looks incredible. And you've picked the perfect colours for it. xxx scarlett

  2. what a great bag!!! fun idea.

  3. This is REALLY lovely, what a bargain bag, and then to customise it, looks fantastic!
    Wonder what the show is, is it Surtex - are you exhibiting as a freelancer or just going to have a look?

  4. Hi Penny.
    I'll be going to the Stationery show. I'm doing some work for a manufacturer that's going to be there. But I'm going to go to Surtex too just to have a look.


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