I'm Back. Cute ceramics from Pearl River Mart

My New York trip was super fun, Yay! One of the places I ended up going was Pearl River Mart. Look at all the cute ceramics they had there.


  1. Oh my goodness! I would have come with a big bag of these - did you?

  2. I wanted to so much, but I only left with one. I didn't take a pic. I'll have to take one and post it. If I had another cupboard in my kitchen I would have bought about 30 teacups and bowls.

  3. Hi! Do you know how i can find the bowl with the two owls or the one with the rabbits? I've looked for them on the website, but they aren't there.

    I'm Joana, by the way, and have been visiting your lovely blog for a while. I love your taste! :-)

  4. Hi Joana. Thanks so much for checking out my blog!

    I don't actually know for sure how to get them. I'm pretty much regretting not leaving there with a huge bag of cups and bowls.

    Their phone number is 1-800-878-2446, maybe try that. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

  5. Thanks, anyway :-) ~ i'm actually regretting never even having gone there the last time i was in N.Y. myself!


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