upcycled Hold Me bear

I finished crocheting and assembling this "Hold Me" bear over the weekend. It's made from bulky yarn I unraveled from old sweaters. Here's a post of the yarn. It's stuffed with small bits of sweater which really gives the bear some weight. It's completely upcycled except for my little tag that I sewed onto the back. Hoping to take some better pics within the next few days and then I'll stick it up on etsy this weekend. But I thought I'd share a little early. It's fun to make something new out of something that was going to be thrown away.


  1. He looks like the sort of toy a child would fall in love with!

  2. He's great! I love the hold me bear.
    Such a good idea too, using up old things.
    Toby bought an second hand jumper from a charity shop the other week and has started to unravel it with the idea of combining the wool with some other to make a scarf.


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