Vintage bird pics from "dear ada"

One of my favorite blogs, dear ada, had a link to some beautiful vintage birds. If I had all these guys I would have them lining every window sill in my house! Check out the dear ada blog to see great new artists every day, and check out the dear ada flickr for some more great pics.

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  1. Hi there,
    I was sent "make my day award" by someone and now I need to pay the compliment forward accordingly. I liked the idea of promoting favorite sites to others so in that spirit, I chose your blog as one of my personal favorites. I visit you often, though I've been remiss in thanking you for your kind feature of my fine feathered friends. Aren't they silly and fun?

    So thanks for all the lovely work you pull together for your readers viewing pleasure and thanks again for the bird love post! Best, Birdie

    Here's the link to your "award":


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