Etsy Ceramic Tiles

I signed up for a decorative tile class at the local clay art center, woo hoo. I'm kind of excited, I've never really done too much with clay. So to dedicate me taking the class I've posted some tiles from a few Etsy artists. My class starts in February so I'll be sure to keep all y'alls updated with some pics once it gets going.
1: Dog with Ball by GretchenKramp
2: etc. tile by tilesmile
3: micro tile, noni by elementclaystudio
4: one of Pair of Textured Tiles 17 by melabo
5: Fly fishing Fly Reel Tile by lesperancetile
6: 3x3 Similar Circle by TinaSchowalter


  1. Simply adore the dog one, and the sea-urchin ones are amazing.

  2. I like those little sea urchin type tiles too.
    Laurence and Toby go to a ceramics class.
    Hope you enjoy yours!


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