Bear experiment part 2

Here's where he ended up. I hand stitched some wool felt parts onto it with some pink embroidery thread and added a little pink heart. The last pic is to show my awesome photo set-up (heh heh) and give you a sense of how big the bear is. Not sure how I feel about him yet, I like that he looks sort of simple and traditional but his shape makes him more modern and kooky. And I like that he's made from a recycled sweater. Ehn, I have another half of the sweater left so maybe I'll have to try another guy with some tweaks. I kind of liked it without anything sewn on him too like in my last post. I'll let it sit for a while and then see what I think. Well, anyway, adios for now. :)


  1. he turned out perfectly I think - I know sometimes less is more but I this time more looks better. I always have these kind of traumas with stuff I make too - you are definitely not alone :o)


  2. Isn't he cuddly! I like the simplicity of just a little heart on his tummy.

  3. ADORABLE! Sorry for shouting, but he is just too cute.

  4. I thin he is really sweet, I especially like the wonky nose.


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