Antique Dog Collection from Ren Smith

These pics are from my new absolute favorite Flickr site belonging to MadMadCrafter aka Ren 7 Smith's Gently Mad Creations. Besides making some fantastically unique toys (I personally am in love with this one), Ren collects toys from the early 1900's. These pics are from her Antique Dog set, but she also has sets for antique cats, rabbits, teddy bears and more! Here is her flickr, etsy and website.


  1. These are great! I remember having a dog on wheels for my 3rd I antique now too? Interesting site with the odd toys...

  2. Love these dogs, so sweet and obviously well loved.

  3. Oh my, there is SO much cool stuff on this site. It's cool overload. These are just the best. I need to own the one on wheels. Bless.


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