No Coast: other funs

Cosmo's Collars super cute dog collars. My fav was the green velvet collar.
Aisha Celia Designs I bought a dye your own yarn kit from Aisha. (here's her blog)
Jennie the Potter lovely little mugs and bowls
Bombalurina vintage-y modern jewelry
My Friend Jess the most adorable little girl jumpers!
Art Goodies block printed towels and toys


  1. I like the green velvet collar best too but it wouldn't last five minutes on either of my muddy mutts!
    Love the mug as well.

  2. I like the printed santa.

    Toby has just made a charm bracelet from lots of different little earrings and things he's collected and altered. Will put on our blog soon.

    Thanks for showing us all these goodies, it's a pleasure to drop by and see what you've found.


  3. now those belts are totally cool :-) Great find :-)


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