Last post of the year!

I'm heading out to Seattle tomorrow for Christmas. My brother (who makes the awesome hats) lives out there, so the whole family is going out to visit him. I won't be back until next year! I thought it would be good to have my last post of the year be of something I've made since I haven't posted anything of my own in a while. This was my first day in weeks where I just got to sit and relax, and that usually involves crocheting. This is what I ended up making: three more "Un Petit Crochet" rings out of mohair and vintage metallic thread, and I framed a couple of snowflakes that I made a while back. WOO HOO, a productive day! Merry Christmas everyone! Now I gotta get packing.


  1. I just love those rings! Your brother's hats are excellent. Have a very Merry Christmas!
    Caroline x

  2. I cant remember if I have left a post here before or not. Anyway...I wanted to say that your rings are very sweet, and I agree with Caroline, great hats!
    Many thanks for all the interesting links you have shared with us this year.
    Seasons greetings!


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