More Target cards Yea!

So I've mentioned before that at my day job I work for a greeting card/gifty/desk accessory manufacturer, and we make a bunch of items for boutiques and big box stores. Well I went to Target and two more of my designs were just set a little while ago. Yea! I'm super excited. The bachelorette card has a little rhinestone that goes where the diamond is on the hand, and the penguin gets a big white puffball on the end of his hat.


  1. CONGRATS! I always tell me husband that you will know I have made it when my stuff is at Target. LOL! I just think this is soooo cool! And I love both cards! Especially the penguin one!

  2. oh how cool! your designs rock. thanks for reading funky finds!

  3. sweet. that's super exciting. these are adorable. gotta love target.

  4. I work fulltime as a freelance illustrator here in the UK, used to be all greeting cards/stationery, now I diversify and paint for packaging, design toys, kids books.
    I dont blog about it, as you know, our blog is about Toby's jewellery mostly.
    Lovely to see your artwork, I especially like the lettering on the pink invite.


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