Artist: Oliver Jeffers

Well, I didn't do my Etsy listing today (I went out with family after work and I just got home) so I'll be posting it tomorrow instead. In the mean time here are some paintings by artist Oliver Jeffers. I found him on Amy's blog, but I realized that I've already seen his children's book that I think is gorgeous "How to Catch a Star". These paintings have so much character but I think that it's the titles of them that I really connected with. The first image is entitled "Understanding Everything". The second is "Seagulls Will Inherit the Earth". And the third one which just made me want to cry is called "The Process of Running Away". So sad, but I love it! Poor little doggy. So anyway, check out his site, super cute.


  1. That doggy picture made me sad :0(

  2. The blue board painting with a glass near is just awesome. Love the concept and is simply superb.


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