Daily Art 07_19_07 Fabric Pottery

I made another fabric bowl for my Daily Art. This one is bigger then the last one and I think a little more elegant than crafty looking. It's made out of linen strips wrapped around cord then sewn in a circle. The colors go with the doily project like the buttons in my last post. Here is the listing. So, as far as this Daily Art thing goes, I think instead of posting each piece everyday, I think I'm going to post the week's Daily Art pieces all at once at the end of the week. Then I can still share what I've done for my Daily Art but I can post some of the other neat things that are inspiring me all during the rest of the week. OK, done.


  1. wow! what a way to make a bowl. the colours are fab. dx

  2. the butterfly collectorJuly 21, 2007 at 7:33 PM

    love the bowl and your blog! And thanks for visiting mine too! Must visit your ETSY too!

  3. I love the bowl! My mother and I made some similar ones years ago, but they didn't look half as elegant as this. Great job :)


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