Long overdue

I've been thinking lately that I should be sketching more often then I am, but I never actually do anything about it. Then I found Suzanne Buchanan's blog, an open [sketch]book, which has a bunch of her BEAUTIFUL sketches on it. I realized that I just have to do it, get sketching. So today I drew my spoon cup while I was waiting for some things to print. Afterwards I realized that although I draw all day long for work, and am constantly drawing different ideas I have, this is probably the first drawing that I've done just for the sake of drawing in probably over a year! CRAZINESS! I definitely intend to continue and make it a habit. OK that's it for my rant today.

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  1. Believe me, I understand not drawing just for drawing's sake! I too often find myself falling into the same category of drawing all the time, but never just for myself.

    I don't know if you are familiar with Danny Gregory's book "The Creative License" but if you aren't I highly recommend it. He talks about just this thing and how to break through it.

    Love your blog!


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