Gettin' sketchy

A pencil sketch of a chair in the living room. We have to cover it with a quilt because the upholstery fabric is ripped. boo. I love the shape of the chair and it's feet, and it's super comfy, so... eventually I'll have to reupholster it with some pretty fabric. There are so many neat fabrics/patterns out there right now, maybe I should try to cover it sooner then later. hmmmm. we'll see. Check out the dog Cuddler on the chair. It's the one that always flies with us when we go on trips.


  1. Great talent whith the pencil. You should show some more of this.

  2. This is great! I love your style.

  3. this is one "happy" blog!!
    thanks for it and keep the amazing work... i´ll be back soon ;)

  4. LOVELY sketches. This and the yarn. Very lovely style.


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